Community First Responder Training

The two most important pieces of equipment carried by Community First Responders is a defibrillator and an Oxygen cylinder.  Our Community First Responders carry a lightweight portable semi-automatic machine known as the iPad (Intelligent Public Access) Defibrillator. If the Responder suspects cardiac arrest he/she places two defibrillator pads on the patent's chest, switches on the machine and follows the voice prompts. The iPad is capable of use on both adult and paediatric patients.  Volunteers also learn emergency life support including CPR and are also taught how to administer Medical Oxygen to patients. Initial training is conducted at the Ambulance Service Training School at Broomfield and is a two day course held at a weekend.

Volunteers are also given instruction on how to approach an incident and deal with relatives and /or bystanders.  Practical and written assessments are set to ensure the Community First Responders are fully equipped with the necessary skills needed to help save a life. 

Once volunteers complete their initial training, they are able to join the group rota and respond to calls in our villages. Within the first three months of joining the group, new volunteers spend a day in an Ambulance observing the crew attending to patients.

The initial training dates for new volunteers during 2016 are as follows (Saturdays and Sundays) which are held at Broomfield Ambulance Training School.

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The group holds training and refresher sessions on the last Monday of each month with the exception of December.  Where the last Monday is a Bank Holiday, the training night will be the Monday of the previous week.Our training nights are held at Danbury Mission, Maldon Road, Danbury. 

Training dates 2016


29th March

25th April

31st May

27th June

25th July

30th August

26th September

31st October

28th November (Annual re-assessments)

All the photographs below are by kind permission of Dale Zimmermann Photography. Dale very kindly gave up his time to come to our training night.  You can see more of Dale's work on his website. The link is below. 

Training Night New trianing equipment

CPR practice



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