Dial 999 in Emergencies


When you need an Ambulance every second counts!

If someone is suffering a heart attack or other life threatening medical conditions, then finding your house quickly is vital.


  • Please ensure your house name or number can be easily seen day or night.
  • Make sure your house STANDS OUT for the Ambulance crew or First Responder, especially at night This is more important than ever,now that the street lights are swicthed off at midnight. 
  • Tell the ambulance operator how to find your house.
  • What vehicle do you have on your drive?
  • If you can, switch your hazard warning lights on.
  • Anything distinctive about the house?
  • Are there any landmarks nearby?
  • Can it be easily seen from the road?
  • If possible, send someone outside to direct the ambulance or volunteer to the address.
  • At night, put lights on, inside and out.
  • Pull the curtains open.
  • ANYTHING that will enable us to find your house quickly.


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