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If you woulld like to become a Community First Responder or a supporter and you require more information, please contact Gordon Wren (Group Coordinator) 01245 224309 or 07960 155401


East of England Ambulance Service on : 01767 600822 (9am - 5pm) or 01603 481220 out of hours.


follow the link to the online application form below.

Alternatively please email your request for information to:



If you run a local interest or activity group in one of our villages and would like someone from our Community First Responder Group to attend and give a talk or demonstration, please contact Gordon (details are above) and we will come along. We do not charge for any talk or demonstration of life saving skills.

We have access to a lap top and projector and can bring training aids such as a Rescitation Annie for your members to practice some CPR skills should they wish.

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