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The Volunteers of Danbury Community First Responder Group

There are currently 12 active volunteers in our group and two more who are not availabel as they are studying at Uni, but are very much part of our group. Our volunteers live in Danbury, Bicknacre, Little Baddow and East Hanningfield. Although we cover the villages of Woodham Walter and Woodham Mortimer, we do not have any volunteers from these villages

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Why are Community First Responders needed?

In the UK, someone has a heart attack every 2 minutes. Only 1% of the population is trained in the vital skills that can mean the difference between life and death.

Dr Richard Cummings from Seattle, USA discovered that if a series of events took place in a set sequence, a heart attack victim has a greater chance of survival. This became known as

"The Chain of Survival" 

when put into practice, by increasing public awareness, training in Basic Life Support and Community Based Defibrillators, these events have improved the pre-hospital survival rates to between 25% and 30%.

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Meet our volunteers 

Community Safety Day - Paper Mill Lock - Little Baddow - Thursday 18th August 10:00 - 15:00

Come and say hello to our volunteers. Practice CPR and learn how a defibrillator works 

Applying defib pads

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